Thursday, 5 April 2018

15. April 5, 2018 (Thursday). An usual Thursday. A diversity of veterinary cases

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05 April, 2018
An unusual Thursday with a diversity of pets seen by me

April 5, 2018 (Thursday). Dr Sing Kong Yuen

Today is the day after Guan Yin's birthday which was marked by some interesting events such as the dragon in the moon, the male and female Orange Breasted Green Pigeons posing for me to take photographs and a gigantic mushroom growing in my garden.

The webpages for these images are as follows:

A dragon in the moon
Incredible But True Stories: A pair of Orange Breasted Green Pigeons posed for me in my public fitness park

Today, I had this variety of animals and cases as follows:

1. Red-eared slider cases
1.1  A red-eared slider goes home after 2 days of in-patient treatment for ear abscess lancing.
1.2  The in-patient red-eared slider had swollen eyes and is not eating. Staying staying in.

2. Guinea pig cases

A 5-year-old guinea pig came in with a recurring left neck "cysts". A cluster. The guinea pig was operated twice at Toa Payoh Vets, but the soft swellings returned.

3. Cat cases

3.1  A young cat with seizures. The lady had stopped the anti-seizure tablets for a few weeks and there was no problem till 2 days ago.

3.2. A young female cat with penile urethrostomy. The cat owner did not return for a review 2 weeks after surgery and stitch removal. I had phoned 1 week post surgery and the owner said the cat was OK in peeing. The cat went home 3 days after surgery and had an E-collar but he still managed to lick his surgical wound now and then.

Now the cat had dysuria (difficulty in urination) recently. The cat had licked the surgical site as the E-collar had been taken out after 14 days. The urethral opening had closed (urethral stricture) and this needed to be opened up. The bladder was slightly swollen. A cathether is inserted.

3.3. Mark, a business man is a kind man. He bought a bag of Royal Canin Urinary S/0 to feed his stray cat.

3.4. The pet cremation company transported a cat with severe skin diseases for euthanasia. Some  owners cannot afford to treat their skin-diseased cats.

4. Hamster cases

4.1 A dwarf hamster had a large inguinal tumour with pus. Surgery is needed.

4.2 A "crazy" Syrian hamster had a swollen right cheek. Needed anaesthesia to check cheek pouch inflammation with impaction. A tumour is unlikely. Anaesthesia showed overgrown lower teeth which suggested the swelling was over 2 weeks. The teeth were clipped.

The cheek pouch was everted with forceps and no swelling or inflammation was seen. So the swelling below the right eye could be due to an abscess or haematoma. I inserted a needle and aspirated fresh red blood. This was a haematoma and the cause would be his attempts to escape from the two loose wires on the top of his house as shown in the video. The sharp ends had poked his face below the right eye, causing swelling.
5. Dog cases

5.1.  An owner came in to buy the Royal Canin Hypoallergic food for his dog.

5.2 A 15-year-old dog with lung tumours came in as he was not eating for the past 4 days. He had a painful throat and his left chest and leg hind leg was swollen. The left lung had tumours too and these could have obstructed the blood flow leading to oedema and swelling of the left hind leg. 

5.3 A Spitz had dislocated his left hip. This was confirmed by X-rays.

Today is not a typical day for Toa Payoh Vets as we don't see different species of pets in one single day. 

Videos are posted for some of the cases.  

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